We recognize as Greek food the dishes that are defined by our taste memory.

Greek cuisine our collective memory, composed of a blend of people, history, and civilizations.

A traditional dish carries memories, reflects the place and time, the freshness of the ingredients, the herbs, the olive oil, the tastes, and the stimuli that shaped us and that we all unconsciously learn from a very young age. We convey all of this onto our plates. Knowledge and methodology follow.

However, food is not a frozen snapshot in time, but a continuous evolution over time. To change and improve the classics, deep knowledge is required, acquired over the years, by simplifying the procedures, using new techniques and materials, resulting in further elevating the taste. 

With a deep knowledge of the products of the land, modern searches, and respect for the authenticity of Greek cuisine, we seek clear flavors that draw their power from the quality and simplicity of the ingredients.